Storm in “The Field”

Montgomery Village Fitness Day 2014

MVSA 18U Storm Carney ran the "Softball Skills" booth at the annual Montgomery Village Fitness Day. Coach Ralph Lennon and three of his players, Kara Carney, Haley Lennon and Austen Whibley had a great time working with the young boys and girls (and parents) who attended.

Coach Ralph works on hitting stance

P Austen Whibley demonstrates pitching form

OF Haley Lennon teaches fielding form

3B Kara Carney runs fun sprints

P Austen Whibley helps a young batter

OF Haley Lennon works on throwing

3B Kara Carney breaks down hitting form

Pitcher Austen Whibley demonstrates loose hitting grip

3B Kara Carney works on infield movement

3B Kara Carney likes his form